Mayor's Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Mayor’s Accessibility Advisory Committee: 

The Mayor's Accessibility Advisory Committee was formed in 1997 to deal with accessibility issues in Niagara Falls for disabled persons. The Committee's goals are to educate the public, and increase barrier free accessibility in our community for both residents and visitors.

All members on the committee, excluding City staff, are disabled. The committee has approximately 12 members and meets every other month  per month (approximately 6 times per year). The City believes that an accessible community is a healthy community.

The committee will also assist local businesses (on a request basis) with information on accessibility consulting services, audits and accessibility displays.

Mission Statement

At the City of Niagara Falls, we value accessibility, and look to provide accessible options with all our services. It is our mission to educate the public, and increase barrier-free accessibility in our community for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

Meeting Minutes

Want to know what was discussed at a particular meeting? View our Meeting Minutes.

Accessible City Traffic Signals

Various intersections within Niagara Falls that have audible pedestrian push buttons
Intersection Street 1 Intersection Street 2  Owner
Lundy's Lane Drummond Rd Region
Stanley Ave Dixon St/Main St Region
Stanley Ave Livingstone Ave Region
Stanley Ave Murray St Region
Stanley Ave Robinson St Region
Bender St Victoria Ave Niagara Falls
Clifton Hill Victoria Ave Niagara Falls
Cummington Square W Portage Rd/Main St Niagara Falls
Dunn St Drummond Rd Niagara Falls
Dorchester Rd Morrison St Niagara Falls
Main St Culture Centre Niagara Falls
McLeod Rd Pinoak St Niagara Falls
Oakwood Dr Walmart North Entrance Niagara Falls
Oakwood Dr Walmart South Entrance Niagara Falls
River Rd Bus Turnaround NPC
Victoria Ave Walnut St Niagara Falls

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