2013 Summer Trillium Program Recipients

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Gold Trillium Recipients

  • 4559 Queensway Gardens
  • 4063 Kalar RD
  • 7500 Lundy's LN
  • 6850 Imperial CT
  • 6256 Balmoral ST
  • 6380 Fallsview BV
  • 4939 River RD
  • 4199 River RD
  • 3950 Victoria AV
  • 2922 St. Paul AV
  • 7370 Sandy CT
  • 6654 January DR
  • 6240 Orchard AV

Silver Trillium Recipients

  • 5035 Fourth AV
  • 6062 Main ST
  • 4584 Armoury ST
  • 4992 Jepson ST
  • 5164 Jepson ST
  • 2250 Portage RD
  • 6911 Jill DR
  • 3561 Weinbrenner RD
  • 3666 Matthews DR
  • 6085 Trillium CR
  • 6151 Trillium CR
  • 2597 Claude AV
  • 6515 January DR
  • 5917 Main ST
  • 6365 Drummond RD
  • 3289 St. Paul AV
  • 7655 St. Augustine CR
  • 6541 Main ST
  • 6647 January DR
  • 5571 Prince Edward AV
  • 3480 Cardinal DR

Bronze Trillium Recipients

  • 6279 Ellsworth PL
  • 7021 Stanley AV
  • 4489 Philip ST
  • 7510 Scholfield DR
  • 7012 Venus CR
  • 4673 Victoria AV
  • 7781 Bernadette CR
  • 7805 Lundy's LN
  • 6438 Jupiter BV
  • 6570 Churchill ST
  • 4940 Jepson ST
  • 3108 St. George AV
  • 6734 Buckingham DR
  • 3223 Montrose RD
  • 8114 Fatima CT
  • 5696 Recine CRT
  • 7756 Rysdale ST
  • 7172 Rosseau PL
  • 6057 Drummond RD
  • 6970 Warden AV
  • 6733 Fallsview BV
  • 3323 St. Patrick AV
  • 4750 Zimmerman AV
  • 7392 Sandy CT
  • 3634 Bridgewater ST
  • 7913 Watson ST
  • 7994 Beaverdams RD
Summer Trillium Recognition Program


  • Allen's Landscaping supply Depot Inc.
  • Chevy Lane Fabrications
  • Home Depot
  • Mullen Garden Market
  • Niagara Falls Horticulture Society
  • Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort
  • Rainbow Greenhouses
  • Ramada Plaza
  • Re/Max Niagara Realty Ltd. Brokerage,
    Daniela Mitrovic & Kathy Tsiantoulas
  • Walker Industries
  • Walmart

It's that time of year! Do you have a yard/landscaping question?

If you have a question that you'd like an answer to about your yard, landscaping or the Trillium program, submit your question now!  You can view existing questions and answers too.

Want to enhance your curbside landscaping? Ideas that work!

Visitors see your front yard before anything else when they arrive to your home. Landscaping your front yard to make it look attractive and frame your house and entry well will help your house stand out and add value to your home. Whatever your budget, you can make some changes to your front yard that will improve the look of your home. For more tips on enhancing, including our Mentorship Program, visit the Landscaping Ideas page.

About the Trillium Recognition Program

The program is brought to you by The Park in the City Committee through the work of the Trillium Recognition Sub-Committee. The mandate of the program is to foster city-wide beautification efforts from all property owners through a recognition program that encourages residents to strive to enhance their curbside appeal while utilizing basic horticultural and environmental considerations. Residents are encouraged through co-operation to achieve a level of excellence in developing and maintaining their properties. Residents reaching a level of excellence are also empowered to educate others through a mentorship component, which further promotes beautification throughout the City of Niagara Falls.

How to Participate

All property owners, whether residential, commercial or even industrial are able to participate…and it’s free! Residents are able to nominate their own property or other properties they feel would like to be involved. Keep in mind though, permission should be granted from property owners. More information, including Nomination Forms, are available on the Trillium Nomination page.

Assessment of your Property

The Trillium Sub-Committee will be visiting properties on July 17th, 2014. The Committee will determine how well a property is maintained through a scoring matrix system (Principles of Design, Turf, Plants, Hardscaping Features, Unique Features and Environmental Issues). Properties will be assessed and given a score between 0 and 100. All assessed properties will be notified of their assessment outcome shortly after. Information about the different categories can be found on the Trillium Categories that an assessment can be classified.

Recognition Ceremony

Property owners who are recognized with a coloured Trillium rating (Gold, Silver, Bronze) will be invited to attend the Recognition Ceremony that will take place on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, located on Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls. At the Ceremony, property owners will receive an award for their efforts. Program sponsors will also take part in the festivities. Doors open at 6:30 pm with the Ceremony to start at 7:00 pm sharp.

Trillium Program Photo Galleries

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