Niagara Falls Transit i-Ride Pass Card

What is an i-Ride Card?

Image of the iRide pass card

The i-Ride card is a Reloadable "smart card" that will replace tickets and monthly passes. It can be loaded with either pre-paid rides or as a time based pass. If you select pre-paid rides your original card will be loaded with 10 rides. 

If you select a time-based pass it is sold as a 30-Day Pass. It will work with Niagara Falls Transits electronic fare collection system. The card contains a microchip and looks like a credit or debit card. The reloadable card can be used over and over again.

For additional information, view the i-Ride Pass Card Information Brochure and the i-Ride Card Policy.

When you board the bus, you simply tap the card on the fare reader and in seconds it will accept your ride with an audible beep.

Remember not to bend or punch holes in your card as it contains a microchip and an embedded antenna.

iRide Pass benefits: tap and go; no change required;10 ride and 30 day pass available;reloadable;register your card online in case of theft or loss

Fare Structure

The Fare Structure hasn't changed. Please visit the Ride Fares page for details.

What if I still have tickets?

If you still have transit tickets in your possession, they will be accepted on the bus until June 30, 2012, the value of your remaining tickets can be loaded onto your new i-Ride card at the Niagara Transit Office only.Tickets will not be sold after January 2, 2012.

What if I need a transfer?

If you board a second bus within one hour of paying for your original trip, the smart card technology in the system will identify your next trip as a transfer. If you pay with cash, you will need to ask the operator for a paper transfer. 

You will only be able to pay for one fare with the i-Ride card, a second person must pay their own fare.

How and Why do I Register my i-Ride Card?

There are many benefits to registering your i-Ride card:

  • it can be replaced if Transit is notified it has been lost or stolen
  • it can be cancelled
  • the remaining balance on the card can be transferred to a new card ($5.00 fee)
  • tax information for the Federal Tax Credit is readily available

If you purchase your original card at the Niagara Falls Transit Office it can be registered immediately. Alternatively, you can register it by submitting the i-Ride Pass Registration form or fill out the downloadable registration form and return it to the Transit Office.

Where can I buy the Pass Card?

Your original purchase can be made at the Niagara Falls Transit Office at 4320 Bridge Street or at any Transit Sales Agent outlet below.  All outlets selling tickets and passes are subject to change without notice.

Location Name Address Phone Number
Niagara Falls Transit 4320 Bridge Street (8:30am-4:30pm) 905-356-1179
A-Z Smoke Shop 4640 Queen Street  289-296-2896
Avondale 4985 Bridge Street (at Second Avenue) 905-356-0016
Big Bee Convenience 4787 Victoria Avenue 905-353-8181
Big Bee Convenience 5056 Montrose Road 905-358-8389
Big Bee Convenience 5869 Main Street 905-371-0597
Big Bee Convenience 6869 Morrison Street 905-358-5674
Big Bee Convenience 8209 Lundy's Lane  905-356-1563
Busy Bee Convenience 5203 Victoria Avenue 905-353-8382
Busy Bee Convenience 6240 Thorold Stone Road 905-356-5533
Coronation Center 5925 Summer Street 905-356-6493
Daisy Mart 3464 Cattell Drive 905-295-8211
 Hasty Market 5846 Drummond Road  905-357-9923
Kwik-e-Mart 6265 Thoroldstone Rd 905-371-3136
Lundy's Variety 6839 Lundy's Lane 905-354-4224
Main Street Convenience 6119 Main Street 905-354-8352
 Niagara Variety 4827 Victoria Avenue  905-374-3355
S & B Variety 6015 Main Street 905-36-0055
Sobey's Ontario 3714 Portage Road 905-371-2270

Where do I reload my i-Ride Card?

You are able to reload your i-Ride Card at the Transit Office by using Cash/Debit or Credit card and can reload your i-Ride Card on any bus with Exact Cash fare only.