Green Energy

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Hydro Dam Solar Panels Biodiesel droplets

Growing global demand for clean, renewable energy is presenting significant opportunities for economic growth across North America. Advancements in wind and solar technologies, combined with Ontario’s pace-setting Green Energy Act and generous Feed in Tariff incentives have created winning conditions for Niagara’s manufacturing and technology sectors.

North America's Green Energy Capital

Long recognized as North America’s Green Energy Capital, Niagara Falls has realized significant new investment in its long-established hydroelectric generating operations. Leading the way is Ontario Power Generation’s $1.6 billion Niagara Tunnel Project. Completed in March, 2013, the tunnel is 12.7 m in diameter and over 10 km long.  It is located up to 140 m below the City of Niagara Falls and like the two other tunnels built in the 1950s, conveys water from above Niagara Falls to the generating stations at Queenston.  The tunnel provides an additional 500 cubic metres of water per second to the Sir Adam Beck generating complex, and is capable of annually producing more power than a city the size of Niagara Falls can use in a year. The Niagara Tunnel Project was a green energy investment that will provide Ontario with a source of clean, renewable power for the next 100 years.

Solar & Wind Powered Residential Communities

Private sector developers are also embracing the benefits green energy production and sustainability. Niagara Falls will soon showcase one of Ontario’s most advanced residential communities. The new 300-acre, 1,500 residence Warren Woods Community is sure to set the benchmark for green living in Ontario. Perhaps the most important feature of the Warren Woods development will be the energy production facility that will use new solar and wind technologies to provide low cost electrical power to the homes, business and recreational facilities.

Biodiesel and Biofuel Production

Established manufacturing, fabrication and production operations across Niagara Falls have invested in new technologies and made efforts to reposition their operations to cater to new clients in the green industry sector. Surplus manufacturing and warehousing facilities have also been transformed in new biodiesel and biomass fuel production operations, offering new investment and growth opporunities for the local manufacturing sector.

Our strategic location is coupled with a highly competitive and skilled manufacturing base with a proficiency in heavy metal fabrication, assembly, advanced machining, die casting, foundry/forging experience drawn from its roots of shipbuilding, structural steel, auto parts, aerospace and machining industry sectors. Niagara Falls is ready to compete and succeed in the green economy.

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