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  • Private Property Trees - Can I trim a tree branch that overhangs onto my property?

    There are three points to remember when dealing with trees on adjacent private property:
    1. You cannot trespass onto your neighbour's property;
    2. You cannot damage your neighbour's property (in this case a tree); and
    3. You have the right to maintain your property in a safe condition.It is therefore best for property owners to come to an agreement between themselves with respect to trees overhanging property lines. If they are unable to reach an agreement with their neighbour and want to determine their legal rights, they should contact a lawyer. The act of pruning trees on neighbouring private property affects private property rights and is a civil issue between private property owners. The City has no jurisdiction with respect to such issues. It is recommended to discuss this matter with your neighbour and also ensure that all work is performed by a qualified expert.Categories: Municipal Works, Trees