Local Utilities

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Below is a list of the local utilities that service Niagara Falls and their contact information.

ElectricityNatural Gas
Niagara Peninsula Energy
7447 Pin Oak Drive P.O. Box 120
Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2E 6S9
Phone: 905-356-2681
Fax: 905-356-0118
Website: www.npei.ca
E-mail: info@npei.ca
Enbridge Inc.
P.O. Box 1051Thorold, Ontario
L2V 5A8
Various telephone and fax numbers exist. The recommended option is to view the Enbridge Contact Page to select a number.

Website: www.enbridge.com
Cable TelevisionTelephone
Cogeco Cable
P.O. Box 5076 Stn. Main
Burlington, Ontario
L7R 4S6
There are various locations and contact numbers listed for Cogeco in Niagara Falls. Visit the Cogeco - Niagara Falls page for details.

Website: www.cogeco.ca
Bell Canada
Office of the Manager
P.O. Box 920, Station A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1G5
Phone: 905-310-2355
Visit their website for additional contact information.

Website: www.bell.ca